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Azat is a great professional in Javascript / Node.JS development, as well as an excellent tech mentor.
He has extraordinary abilities in coaching other engineers and takes them to the next level of web-development. His projects, as NodeProgram ( and Node University (, has a very detailed content related to React, Node, and JavaScript. As an engineer, I have enjoyed having Azat’s books and his video lectures on my favorite lists. Looking forward to learning something new again with Azat in the future.

– Alexey Bushnev, Senior Software Engineer at Apple, Cuppertino, CA

Azat infused his workshop with an impressive breadth and depth of expertise on topics ranging from the myriad reasons why Node.js is taking over enterprise to the intricacies of the React lifecycle, while always making sure to communicate both verbally and visually in an accessible way for all of the attendees, making the 2-day event not only incredibly useful, but really fun too:)

– Claire Hsu, Software Engineer at Hack Reactor, San Francisco, CA

Azat has been a great resource in my journey to learn JavaScript, in particular, NodeJS. He is a great communicator and has been a great mentor and coach.
I've joined his Node University and have found it very helpful, I can recommend it to anyone new to the Node eco-system.

– Tony BrownC, Developer at PTC, Boston, MA

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