Last weekend I went to Monterey which is in California, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
I was freezing cold but I saw a lot of sea lions, seagulls and WHALES!
Yes, I went on a boat for a three-hour cruise to see WHALES.
At first we just saw one, then two, then they were popping all over.
They had huge mouthes and whale-tails.
This taught me the lesson of patience.
Just like with whales, someone needs to be patient when learning programming and learning Node.js.
ECMAScript standard released ES modules in 2015 but no one supported them.
Now many modern browsers support them.
Node supports ES modules too.
Are you still use require? It's time to switch.
To be honest, I will miss require.
It was simple and dynamic and synchronous and caching.
It could be used to implement a singleton or just used to load folders
(If you want to learn more about Node patterns like that take my course Node Patterns.)

Many people ask me why use Node. I recorded this video for them last week.