The Top ES6/ES2015 Features course will teach you 12 most used and most useful features in the new standard of JavaScript. ES6 is the biggest change to the JavaScript in many years. Learn ES6 today to start using the programming language of the future now.

You will learn pretty much everything what's there useful in the new ES6/ES2015 standard of the JavaScript/Node.js language:

  1. Default Parameters: Declare values for function arguments
  2. Rest and Spread Parameters: Use and pass array in function declarations and calls
  3. Template Literals: Use string interpolation for HTML templates or any text strings
  4. Multi-line Strings: Write multi-line string values
  5. Destructuring Assignment: Declare variables from objects and arrays with minimum code
  6. Enhanced Object Literals: Eloquent object declaration with extra features
  7. Arrow Functions: Define anonymous function with proper "this"
  8. Promises: Organize async code better and use throw and catch for errors
  9. Block-Scoped Constructs Let and Const: Write safer code with block-scoped variables
  10. Classes: Harness the power of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript in a sane and eloquent way
  11. Modules: Modularize code in a standard way
  12. For Of Comprehensions: Write eloquent array iterators

This course follow my earlier blog post but with videos (obviously). Stat learning ES6/ES2015 now.