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Top ES6/ES2015 Features Course

The Top ES6/ES2015 Features course will teach you 12 most used and most useful features in the new standard of JavaScript. ES6 is the biggest change to the JavaScript in many years. Learn ES6 today to start using the programming language of the future now. You will learn pretty much everything...


Developing Beautiful APIs in Node

This post is on how to build beautiful APIs in Node.js. Great, and what is an API? The definition says Application Programming Interface, but what does it mean? It could mean on of the few things depending on the context: Endpoints of a service service-oriented architecture (SOA) Function...


Introducing Node University

Greetings, For those who don’t know me, my name is Azat and I help software engineers to learn cutting edge web development technologies. If you do know me, it’s probably from my blog or in-person workshops at conferences such as ForwardJS, Node Interactive, and multiple-day courses at Cisco,...