HTTP/2 Browser Support and Brief History

Hello my dear friends. Welcome to Node.js and HTTP/2. We will be implementing the future web using Node.js and Express and also we will highlight some of the benefits of the new protocol. My name is Azat Mardan and you can find me on Twitter @azat_co, also at Node University and Node Program. The slides for this course are available at GitHub. Just go to this link So, the big thing about HTTP/2 which most of the developers don't know but you will know because you're taking this course and that it's already here. In fact, it's really, really here. If you look at the browsers most of them they support HTTP/2 except Opera Mini which doesn't have that many users anyway. So, if you look at Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari those four are the main browsers in terms of popularity and even IE, Internet Explorer 11, also has some support. So, this chart obviously will change very, very fast and almost every week or every month so go on the link, and see if the chart is all green. Maybe Safari has caught on with other browsers, so that's a good resource but the main thing that HTTP/2 is here and you as a developer just absolutely must start using it otherwise your website, your research will not be as good as the researches of others A brief history of H2 or HTTP/2. It started as SPDY or SPDY at Google and then basically Google pioneered this initiative to make it a new standard. So, if you see SPDY in some of the documents, that could refer to a Node protocol which is not supported anymore because it became HTTP/2 or it could be just the name, it still says SPDY but in fact it might support HTTP/2. So, benefits of HTTP/2.