Quick Summary of the AWS Intro Course

I know not all of you have taken AWS Intro. It happens. Not a big deal. You can jump straight in. It might be a little bit harder or not. Because I don't really know your experience. We're not in the same classroom. But this course is designed to be after AWS Introduction, so I encourage you to go and take that course. In case you want a quick refresher of AWS Introduction, here's a summary.

In AWS Introduction, we learned about the benefits of Cloud and the benefits of using Amazon Web Services. We launched the EC2 using a web console. We learned about different configurations inside of the EC2, when you're launching EC2.

We were able to use user data to automate our app environment and our instances. We worked with networks and services, such as Elastic Load Balancer. And we also were able to set up another scale and group, and stress test that group and see that indeed we have increase and decrease a number of instances.

These are the topics of AWS Introduction. Again, I highly recommend taking that course before you proceed with this course.