Meet Your Instructor

ο»ΏWelcome to AWS Intermediate course. My name is Azat Mardan, I am your instructor. A little bit about myself. I am an author of 14 books, and a lot of online courses, as you can see. Most of them are hosted on Node University. Also, working on Udemy and Pluralsight, and Manning courses as well. I work as a Technology Fellow at Capital One, which is a top ten US bank. Here are some of my books. Practical Node.js being the most popular, and React Quickly being the best book, the most complete comprehensive book on React.js. I also hold degree in academia. A Master's degree in Information Systems Technology. You can find me on twitter at Azat underscore co.

You might be wondering why a JavaScript guy teaches a course on cloud. Well, actually, I use cloud quite a lot. It first started at Gizmo. It was a small startup, we used Rackspace. At Storify, we used AWS and Joyent, which is the maintainer for Node.js. Not anymore, but it was the maintainer for many, many years. And Storify was an early partner of Joyent, because we run everything on Node.js, and later we started to convert to AWS because Joyent just wasn't providing enough benefits for the cost for using their proprietary operation systems and tools. And sadly, at DocuSign, we didn't use cloud. We didn't even use private cloud, but I continued to use cloud for my own projects such as Heroku Platform as a Service. And then Capital One, we use AWS cloud. [We are] in the process of signing Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud as well.

At Capital One, all of our engineers get access to the AWS account, which is really great and fantastic for prototyping and research and development. You are not impeded, you are not slowed down by any provisioning, or any getting of any physical hardware into your own data centers.

Before we go any further, and before I tell you about the table of contents, I want for you to turn off all the distraction, all the cell phones, all the Slack, all the Hipchat, shut down your email, if you don't do it, if you try to multitask, it's actually not working. There are a lot of studies that they did on people, and they proved that multitasking is not actually working for tasks which require deep focus and deep concentration.

Maybe you can wash dishes and watch your favorite soap opera, I don't watch TV, but it's possible. Not here, not with this course, not with AWS, not with programming. So please do yourself a favor. Focus on one thing at a time, this is the great thing about Node University. It's not a live workshop. You can always stop me and then go back to being 100% focused on the course once you solve whatever other problems or questions you might have, or work related projects.