Elastic Beanstalk - Main PaaS of AWS: Benefits and Comparison to Heroku

Welcome to Module number six, Platform as a Service. Let's talk about Elastic Beanstalk, which is the main Platform as a Service solution in AWS. Elastic Beanstalk offers benefits, such as easy and simple to get started and get running. That will increase the developer productivity and enable automatic scaling, because everything, almost everything, is managed for you by AWS.

All we need to do as a developer is just provide your code and configure a little bit your environment, yet you have complete control, unlike some other services such as Heroku, which is owned by Salesforce. In Heroku, you are locked into the Platform as a Service, but with Elastic Beanstalk, if you need that granular, low-level control, you can just go to the, and it's a two instance, and configure it manually, because Elastic Beanstalk would be using instance twos under the hood, and they would be available to you under your AWS account.

There are no additional charge for AWS Elastic Beanstalk. You are only paying for whatever resources you are using, such as EC2, or Elastic load balancer, et cetera, et cetera. App Environment. So what applications can we deploy? Pretty much all of the major application environments are supported. Python, Ruby, of course, PHP. PHP's very important. Then Node.js, Docker, so we can deploy a container or two. Also Java, .NET and C Sharp, Docker, and Go.