Lab 5 Solution Demo 1 💻

Hello, welcome to Lab 5. In this lab, we will go through six steps, and we will build a restful API for our DynamoDB table. So first step, we actually need to create this table. Create DynamoDB table, we can use the CLI command, I have it in my lab document, so I will just copy this command and put it in my terminal. I already have my CLI, AWS CLI, configured so the table is created.

You can see that has the resource identifier, the command to get a list of all the tables is list-tables, aws dynamodb list-tables. So we see we are just one table messages in this particular region I'm using us-west-1 [sic: 2]. Once we created the first DynamoDB table, let's go ahead and verify with the command aws dynamodb describe-table. And this command need table-name, we would provide it. If you remember it's messages. A plural s, and then it shows us the information about the table, you can see the size is minimal, table name, the table status is active, so everything looks good, so we can proceed to the next step of our lab.