Ways to work with Elastic Beanstalk

There are multiple ways to work with the Elastic Beanstalk. You can leverage GitHub, or you can just create a zip file and upload it either via the web console or via the AWS CLI. Then there is Docker and containers, so you can leverage a Elastic Container Registry and deploy your containers using images from that register and deploy them in Elastic Beanstalk. You also can use AWS command-line interface. There used to be a separate Elastic Beanstalk CLI, but it's deprecated now.

And also there are IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) such as Eclipse and few others. So you can deploy right from your IDE. Or you can create a WAR file and upload it using either AWS CLI or web console. Here are some of the resources how you can get started and learn more. This is a link to a Node.js application, example application. It's very easy to deploy. Just a few clicks. Because Elastic Beanstalk via the web wizard will do everything for you. Then there is a link to get started with Elastic Beanstalk and some developer resources.

The example that I gave you in the previous slide will use EB Node sample app. That's the name of the application. And by clicking on this link you can deploy it and just use seconds.