Lab 5: Serverless

The last lab. I want you to create a microservice which would use AWS Lamda and AWS API Gateway. And you would create a public endpoint that will have the CRUD operation: create, read, update, delete for the data to and from any DynamoDB table. So in the query string you should implement the ability to get to read that table name and then use the table name when you read and manipulate the data in DynamoDB. As always the detailed step-by-step instructions are in a folder called labs.

It's the file named And then the next series of videos I will implement the lab for you. It will be the solution demo for the lab. You can skip directly to that or I recommend doing the lab yourself first and then watching the videos to see if you did something differently than I present in my videos. This is the end of modules, and I'll see you in the last few videos. We will do the summary and I'll give you useful resources on how you can continue your studies with AWS.