In this lecture, Azat Mardan (the author) will welcome you to the course and set the expectation. Express is a good choice for building web apps. You'll learn what is waiting you in this course.

Welcome to the course. My name is Azat. I will be your instructor. I wanted to thank you because time is the most valuable resource. So thank you for investing your time into this course. Most of the lectures are in a video format, so they're very engaging. All you need to do is just watch them on your laptop or iPad. Then, two/three of the lectures, they're in a text format, because they require precision.

One of them is the set-up. So obviously you would need Node.js because Node.js is powering Express.js. Express.js is a Node.js framework. And then we would need npm to install various dependencies, including Express itself. npm comes with Node.js, in most of the cases. And then we might need a few other tools. So follow that text lecture and make sure you have everything. And then go ahead and start watching the lectures, which are in a slide format, so you can download the slides in the PDF and follow along with me.

The PDFs are better because, unlike a video on which you cannot click, on the PDFs if you see a long link, or a short link, you can just click on it and it will open at some useful page or research or a GitHub. As I've said you cannot do that with videos so make sure you have the PDFs as well. And thank you again. I cannot guarantee that this course will transform and change for better your career. But I can guarantee, and I promise you, I will deliver your, the information that has the potential if you act on it to change your career, and skyrocket your success with Node.js and Express.js. Have a great day.