About ExpressWorks

´╗┐Wow, that was a lot of videos and lectures, right? And a lot of demos. I hope you're still with me. Thank you for sticking. So now, actually, is the most interesting, the most entertaining part, because you the student will get to actually code, and we have this tool, it's called Express Works. It will check all your solutions to the problems.

So the very first video in the practicum would be the setup. I want you to go and watch the setup so you understand how the tool works. I will also work you through the first exercise. It's very easy. Don't overthink it, but the next and the third video, the second, third, and et cetera video, they're the solutions. So please refrain from watching the solutions before you actually solve the problem. This way, you will increase the efficiency of this workshop, of this tool. Okay? See you in the next video.