Deployment using ECR and EC2 ECS Demo 1 💻

So, this is a demo, how you can use the EC2, AWS EC2, to our deploy containers. So let's go to the homepage. This is the homepage. Once you log in, this is the screen that you should be able to see. If for some reason you don't see this link, which says "EC2 Container Service," you can just type,"EC2 Container Service" and then press "Enter," and then you would get inside of the Amazon EC2 Container Service or ECS. The very first time when you don't have any resources, it will show you this screen, how to get started. We will cancel everything. And then this is the main view of the ECS, this also called ECS console or a dashboard.

So first things first, we need to create a repository. So let's go the repositories and then click on "Get Started". Repository name, let's say, "demo-banking-api". And immediately, you'll see this URI, Unique Resource Identifier, being populated with your name, the name that you just type, and then you would also have the region which is us-west-2, in my example, and you would have the account number. So your account number will be different. But if you go to the Oregon where I'm right now, it's us-west-2, then the rest of your URL would be the same. So I'm clicking on the next step, and that's pretty much it.

The repository was created pretty much instantaneously. But now, we need to do a few things. We need to execute five commands in order to publish our first-to-do, to basically upload our first image. Let's copy this first to the no command and go to the terminal application.