Welcome to the foundation course!

Hello there, my name is Azat Mardan and I'll be your instructor for this Node.js and MongoDB course. I just wanted to take a few minutes and say thank you for investing your time and energy in learning Node.js. Node.js is a tremendous technology. I think it's a unique phenomenon that happens only every once in a while, every once in 10, maybe even 20 years. Similar to like Java. We have Java for 20 years now, maybe even more.

Why it's unique? Because with Node.js, you can use JavaScript on the server side, and JavaScript is a very expressive, very developer friendly language, if you know the fundamentals, which has become the most popular programming language in the world. That's right. A lot of people who use internet, mostly all of them, they use browsers, and we run websites and web applications for those browsers using JavaScript. So if you're doing any type of web development, there is no way of not using JavaScript. So that's why a lot of software engineers right now, and especially web developers, they know JavaScript and they use JavaScript.

That's why we're seeing this huge growth in the Node.js ecosystem, in the open source community. Now we're seeing huge adoption in Node.js in the Internet of Things, in robotics, in hardware, in virtual reality, and many, many things. So enjoy the course. Don't forget to leave the review. I don't promise that this will be the best course, but I'll do my best to deliver, and if you have any questions there is a discussion forum.

What you will go through is a series of lectures. You can download the slides in PDFs, and then a series of hands-on workshops.

Then I have something special for you. I have a bonus, which is a live recording of a similar program, but it was couple years ago, so it's not as updated, but it still is nice to see the live questions from the audience. It's nice to see the same curriculum from a different point of view.

In my live bonus, in the node program live event, basically it's broken in two days. In the first days you will see a lot of JavaScript fundamentals. It's also very good for you if you're new to JavaScript, or if you used it on the browser a little bit. Something like just copy/pasting jQuery code. So it's really...I highly recommend going through that segment as well. So it's after the main segment, you would see the bonus, and it will say "NodeProgram.com Live" and then you'll have day one and day two. Also, in day two, you would see some express.js examples. This course is not about express.js, I created another course which completely devoted to express.js.

I recommend taking that course after you've finished this course, the main. You don't have to finish the bonus. So bonus is just for you, if you are an overachiever, if you would like to immerse completely yourself, go to the bonus. And then I have one more bonus for you, it's advanced Node.js.

That's where you feel very strong about scaling and deploying, and I'm also showing you some of the synchronous patterns. Some of the "gotchas" that you might encounter when you are building larger applications and you have to deal with scaling and asynchronous errors. So enjoy the course, leave the review, and I'll see you in the next video.