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Hello there! Welcome to Node.js Patterns: From Callbacks to Observer. This short course will teach you the fundamentals of Nodejs and very popular, very commonly used patterns that you can apply to your code in order for you to become the go-to person to go to node.js expert in your team, maybe even in your company, in your organization. Start mastering Node.js patterns to organize your code better, to build applications that really scale. This is a short course but in packed with the a lot useful informations.

My personal experience with Node.js at Storify, DocuSign, Capital One, with open source project. It's so packed in this course so you can get the benefit of the best practices and patterns. A little bit about myself. I am an author of 12 books on JavaScript and Nodejs not counting Chinese, Korean and Russian translations. The most popular is Practical Node.js which was number one on for many, many months so I definitely have the expertise but I want to share it with you, that's why I created this presentation and now I'm making this small course. I hope you enjoy it then visit my website where have more Node.js resources and courses, it's called Enjoy watching and happy coding!