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Hello there. My name is Azat Mardan.

Welcome to a Quick Intro to 5 Core features. This course is You Don't Know Node, will teach you about some of them. So who is the instructor?

My name is Azat Mardan and I am a top seller Node.js author. You must have heard about Practical Node.js or Pro Express.js, one of my top selling books on

I work as a technology fellow at Capital One and as you can see I have extensive experience with Node.js working at Storify and DocuSign. And before that, I worked over a decade in the US Federal Government Agencies such as FDIC, NIH and other organisations. So as you can see, I have extensive experience with both software engineering and Node.js, been using it for many, many years, and wrote a lot of books about it.

So I want you to know about these core features. Why? Why we should listen to streams, buffers, and clusters and know about them. Because these features will allow you to better organize your code.

Don't repeat yourself if you can use some of the existing modules, and also discover the new approaches. And many, many other benefits, which I didn't list here might come from listening to this course and by knowing the core features. Download the source code, download the slides in a PDF.

They are attached to this lesson, to this lecture, and code along with me. I will be showing you some demo examples.

I'll be showing you some code for their core features. So please, please take notes, code along with me, make it interactive as much as possible.