Top ES6/ES2015 Features

Everything Useful in ES2015 JavaScript Standard

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There’s a lot to the ES6/ES2015 standard. We’re going to dig into the details and walk you through the most vital aspects of this JavaScript/Node.js language. The most important elements that we will cover include:

  1. Default Parameters
  2. Rest and Spread Parameters
  3. Template Literals
  4. Multi-line Strings
  5. Destructuring Assignment
  6. Enhanced Object Literals
  7. Arrow Functions
  8. Promises
  9. Block-Scoped Constructs: Let and Const
  10. Classes
  11. Modules
  12. For Of Comprehensions

Need help with any of that? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Most of the new features to ES6/ES2015 streamline development and make DX (developer experience) considerably better. If you want to fully understand modern code and be able to write effectively, then you must be familiar with ES6.

Enroll now and enjoy the most helpful way to learn ES6.

And when you’re done with ES6, be sure to check out our course for ES7 and ES8. If you want to write code, you have to keep learning and pushing ahead. Technology waits for nobody.

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