ES7 and ES8 Features

Everything You Need to Know About ES7/ES2016 and ES8/ES2017 ECMAScript Standard

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ES7/ES2016 and ES8/ES2017 are here, and they have some great new features that coders need to understand in order to take advantage of the new standards. We’re going to give you a clear and deep dive into these new features so that you can continue to write exceptional code that “wows.”

Below are the key features that we’ll cover.

ES7 features:

1. Array.prototype.includes

2. Exponentiation Operator

The finished 2017 (ES8) proposals are:

1. Object.values/Object.entries

2. String padding

3. Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors

4. Trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls

5. Async Functions

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