Node in Production Using Docker and AWS

Learn How to Create and Deploy Container Images for Node.js, MongoDB and Node Stack

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Docker is one of the leading technologies for DevOps and something that should be a priority to learn. We are currently putting together a complete and thorough course for anyone interested in Docker and AWS.

You'll learn best practices and get the production-level code for your Node, Docker and AWS projects. The topics covered include:

  • Environment variables
  • npm dependencies
  • Cluster
  • Status route
  • Docker build and run
  • Dockerfile and images
  • Node Alpine
  • Docker Networks and multi-container projects
  • Connecting Node API and MongoDB Docker containers
  • Node Docker development and production setup
  • Production-level Node Dockerfile
  • AWS EC2 Elastic Container Service
  • EC2 ECS Registry, Clusters, Tasks and Services

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